Our Wines

We take the guesswork out of winemaking
to produce wines that consumers love.

Using our commercial analytical chemistry lab, Integrate Beverage Group wines use extensive taste and aroma science data to help our winemakers produce a finished product that consumers want. By analyzing thousands of wines within our database, we at Integrated Beverage Group are able to understand what consumers want, by varietal and price point. This data driven, proprietary, patent-pending methodology ensures that the wines we produce, and ultimately you sell, are wines that consumers crave.

Our award winning winemakers, which includes Ed Killian of Chateau Souverain, examine these extensive datasets throughout the winemaking process. So, they are able to craft wines which meet a particular taste and aroma profile. These include such popular wines as Chime, Cara Mia and Reaper to name a few.

The result is a better tasting wine than its competitors at higher price points with better margins for you.

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