Unapologetically Replicating Your Favorite Wines

Your favorite wines are more expensive than they should be – because most people are willing to pay more for a fancy name. But you’re not most people.

That’s why we created a cutting edge scientific methodology to analyze the taste and aroma profiles of thousands of wines. While it’s impossible to produce an identical copy, our award-winning winemakers use our proprietary data to create masterful replicas of your favorite wines. We aspire to a 95% match and create wines that are indistinguishable to your favorite wines, while costing significantly less.

Each Replica wine is carefully crafted by one of our award-winning winemakers.  Then every lot is personally approved by our on-staff Master Sommelier prior to release.  

We invite you to try all of our Replica wines with your friends. Compare them to the big national brands. And let us know what you think!

Replica® Wines

* Replica® is in no way affiliated with The Prisoner®, Kendall Jackson®, Meiomi®, Joel Gott®, Erath®, La Crema®, Rombauer® or Santa Margherita®.